Recommended: RAGE podcast

The RAGE podcast is the Resuscitationist’s Awesome Guide to Everything. It is an amazing FOAMed resource, for multiple reasons. First of all, it is produced by a great team of very experienced resuscitationists, so the content is great. Second, it really covers everything: technical and non-technical aspects, clinical stuff and education, research and innovation, work and private life, etc. The team does not limit itself in the subjects they focus on. All relevant aspects of the life of a resuscitationist are covered. And third, the podcast helps people all over the world to become a good resuscitationist, making a difference to critical patients.

So what is a resuscitationist? A resuscitationist is someone who…

… is passionate about resuscitating critical patients. (note: not bound to profession, specialty or level of training)
… always goes for what is best for the patient.
… is humble because he/she knows his/her limitations.
… is a life-long learner. Trains to 130%.
… loves to teach others, no matter who.
… also sees a person instead of a patient.
… knows that some patients cannot be saved, but will never accept it.
… will always try to improve their performance.
… is honest and reliable.
… respects the efforts of other health care providers in treating the patient. Like paramedics.
… says ‘good morning!’ when appearing at the department, brings cookies and is not afraid to help cleaning.
… is interested innovating critical care, but is not embracing every new gadget without critical appraisal.
… does not have to be the team leader, but can also be a team member. The resuscitationist is not the most important person in the room, the patient is.
… knows that home is more important than work.
… is not afraid to get outside of their comfort zone. Or is afraid to do so, but still does it.
… learns from other high-performing professions.
… values the work of the non-medical staff, like logistics and cleaning.
… uses his/her mind to achieve optimal performance.
… improves not only himself/herself, but also the system.
… knows when to switch from standard to individualised treatment and can keep the team on board when doing so.

And of course…
… listens to the RAGE podcast.

This list is based on what I have read/heard on resuscitationists (for example from EMCrit), summarized in my own words with some additions. And it is of course not complete. @RAGE: correct me if I’m wrong on any of these items. Want more? Check out more FOAMed on being a resuscitationist.

With this blog I would like to recommend everyone to go and check out the RAGE podcast. In particular the episode ‘Three men and a microphone’. In this episode, Cliff Reid, Brian Burns and Geoff Healy discuss a variety of topics, including the training they went through, the way they teach trainees, how to become a good resuscitationist and the struggles they face in their careers. This podcast is longer than most podcasts, but personally I think it is still too short. There are so many interesting topics in this podcast and still so many subjects left to talk about. It is very inspiring to hear these experienced resuscitationists talk to each other, also about the challenges and struggles they are faced with. Thanks Cliff, Brian and Geoff for the best podcast I have ever heard. Keep up the good work RAGE team!



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